The preachers on each Lord’s Day are:

Date 11:00   18:00
04-Feb-18 Geoff Cox   Reuben Gardner
11-Feb-18 Richard Brooks   Richard Brooks
18-Feb-18 Paul Linnell   Paul Linnell
25-Feb-18 Nigel Preece    Nigel Preece
04-Mar-18 Graham Heaps   Graham Heaps
11-Mar-18 David Gayton   David Gayton
18-Mar-18 Geoff Cox   Reuben Gardner
25-Mar-18 Paul Olise   Paul Olise

Our Anniversary Weekend is planned, subject to the will of the Lord, for March 3/4 when we are looking forward to ministry from Graham Heaps (Dewsbury).  The meetings will be in our usual venue at 3:00pm on the Saturday and at the usual times on the Lord's Day.

Two meetings with a Missionary Focus are planned (DV).
February 22 Filipe Rodrigues who is working with European Mission Fellowship in Portugal
March 15 J P Earnest who is working with Open Air Mission in North Wales and the North West of England

Men's Study Group as well as a Ladies Group meet Please use the contact link for further details.

For members of the church the dates (DV) of the 2018 Business Meetings are:
March 9, June 8, September 14 and December 14