The preachers on each Lord’s Day are:

Date 11:00   18:00
22-Oct-17 Walter Johnston   Walter Johnston
29-Oct-17 Paul Olise   Paul Olise
05-Nov-17 Geoff Cox   Reuben Gardner
12-Nov-17 David Gayton   David Gayton
19-Nov-17 Richard Carvell   Richard Carvell
26-Nov-17 Richard Mayhew   Richard Mayhew
03-Dec-17 Geoff Cox   Reuben Gardner
10-Dec-17 Alec Taylor   Alec Taylor
17-Dec-17 Andrew Geuter   Keith B Gunn
24-Dec-17 Martin & Alan Wells    
31-Dec-17 Ernest Richardson   Ernest Richardson

We plan to hold our Carol services on December 17

Men's Study Group as well as a Ladies Group meet Please use the contact link for further details.

For members of the church the dates (DV) of the 2017/18 Business Meetings are:
2017:  December 8
2018:  March 9, June 8, September 14 and December 14